FEED THE MINDImprovisation courses :

collective_lessons_button    ( 2-5  PARTECIPANTS)  in addition to percussion, you can also improvise with piano, guitar or you can bring your own instrument. Suggested for music teacher,  animators,  group of friends.

seminars_button  (UP 15 PARTECIPANTS)  you have the opportunity to improvise with different kind of percussion: djembee, bongos, cajon, shakers, marakas, guiro, frame drum, musical eggs, claves, triangle and glockenspiel.  Suitable for all ages.  Suggested to beginners, amateur, classical musician.

You can have also an audio- recording after each lesson to get feedback of your learning.     

individual_lessons_button   TRUMMI ja TROMPETI / OF DRUMS AND TRUMPET

  box_drums1     IMG_5092

 you can get specific technical knowledge and music skills  with the help of expert teacher. Courses suitable for all level and  for all age.